Our special VIP-day is the best we can give you. 

You can have your full permanent make up-treatment (eyebrows, eyelids and lips) in one day.


Why is it so good?

– You can have a more beautiful face in the mirror by the end of the day

– The healing procedure is quicker

– Correction of the treatment is also one time only.


So come to Szeged and have a girly day…

– We do your full permanent make-up 

– We have coffee/tea and lunch together

– And at the end of the day you can get one of our special offer


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For more information please call us: +36309158623

or you can reach us through e-mail: berenyikozmetika@gmail.com

or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BerenyiSminktetovalas 

We speak English.


They have already had a VIP-day with us…



















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